10 Bullet Journal Collection Spread Ideas

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Collections are sections or pages of your bullet journal that bring together tasks, events, or notes related by a specific theme. They’re super flexible; you can add as you go and simply carry onto a new page if you run out of space. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got a lot of the following things in your monthly and weekly spreads. This is fine! Of course, it’s your journal and you can create and fill it however you like–but if you fancy a bit more organization in your life (which I’ll never turn down), collection spreads are a must.

There are hundreds–probably thousands!–of collection spreads you can create, from birthday dates to favourite lyrics (check out my spread on this here) which can be as creative or minimal as best suits your journaling style! In this blog post I summarize ten of the most common collection spreads as well as some of my favourites, so if you need inspiration keep reading!

1. Books and blogs to read

I love reading but I often don’t have time to read or can’t find the right material! I started with a “books I’ve read” spread but this didn’t solve my problem, so I started a list of books and blogs that I wanted to read. This way, whenever I do get some spare time, I can go to my journal and find a blog to read or a book to order online.

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2. Films and TV shows to watch

A lot of the quality time that my boyfriend and I spend together is watching Netflix (whose isn’t, right?) but, as you would expect, when two indecisive people come together, we can spend hours deciding what to watch (comedy? superhero? thriller? ahh!). This collection lets you instantly find something to watch and start the important part: getting cozy and snacking! It also gives you a way to track what films you enjoyed so you can give sound suggestions when someone else is having a decision nightmare.

3. Recipes and meals to make

This collection is perfect for anyone, especially if you’re on a diet, tracking eating habits or just want to eat something other than pasta for dinner. There’s something really satisfying about cooking a brand-new meal from scratch and checking it off the list! Leaving space for a personal rating is a great idea here also (so you know what’s gross and what’s worth cooking again).

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4. Podcasts to listen to

I’ve yet to get into podcasts myself but loads of my friends love them, so this would be a great collection spread if you’re into that! Similarly to books and films, this is a great place to go to when you have some free time and don’t want to waste it scrolling through social media (as per usual, I suspect).

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5. Cleaning schedule

Most people hate cleaning, and I’m not surprised. Plus you’re probably used to seeing “wash up” on every page in your journal. So, making a cleaning schedule spread really helps with motivation to just do a bit of hoovering or washing up. I made this collection with daily, weekly, monthly and bi-monthly chores to do for the whole year! And my house was clean 90% of the time (honestly)!

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6. Bucket list

Who doesn’t have a bucket list, right? A list of the most extravagant or simple things that you want to complete in your life. Most people have at least a mental bucket list, but why not write it down and keep track of it! Not only will it feel amazing to tick each one off, but you can see how you’re progressing through your list as life goes on. (P.S. Did you know it’s called a bucket list because related to the phrase “kicking the bucket”, aka dying? Me neither until I just googled it).

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7. Playlists

If you’re big into music, I’m sure there’s been at least one time in your life where you’ve heard an awesome song on the radio but then totally forgotten all about it. If you can relate, this would probably be a super functional spread for you, but it can be just as fun as functional! A playlist spread can be anything and everything you want it to be. You could include artists to check out, favourite songs, and special event playlists.

8. Master grocery list

Not long after moving to university and doing my own food shopping, I realized that “snacks” aren’t the main food group and that there are some pretty important staples to have. This collection is probably the most useful in my bullet journal. I always look in this collection when I’m going shopping and I never get home and sigh after realizing I’ve forgotten something I need that night (which happened a lot before I made this spread–sigh).

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9. Self-care ideas

Self-care is so important. Whether you’re feeling a bit run down or deserve to treat yourself, a list of go-to self-care activities is definitely what everyone needs. You can add small things such as giving yourself time to journal, or larger things like taking a spa day. Remember to tick off and date any self-care activities you do and make sure you don’t leave it too long between breather days and activities.

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10. Holiday checklist

Have you ever left for the airport and that feeling washes over you? The one where you’ve forgotten something but have no idea what? Then this is the spread for you! You can separate this collection into hot vs cold holidays, hand vs checked luggage, or packing categories (clothes, toiletries, electronics etc)–whatever works for you!

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Thanks for reading!

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