10 Lists To Make In Your Bullet Journal

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10 Lists To Make In Your Bullet Journal


Hi there! My name is Annie, and I blog about bullet journaling, books, and crafts over at Blossoms and Bullet Journals. Thank you so much to the folks at Diarying for having me!

Today I’m going to be talking about bullet journal collections. What is a collection, you may ask? A collection is any sort of list in your bullet journal that isn’t an index, future log, monthly log, weekly log, or daily log. Basically, any type of random list that may be sprinkled in throughout your regular bullet journal pages. Since I started bullet journaling, I have made a lot of collections. Seriously. A lot. Some of them worked, and others were total flops. In this post, I’ll be sharing a few of my all-time favorites. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration for your own journal!

1. Books to read

If you’ve searched “bullet journal” on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen a books to read spread. There are so many different ways to format this list. My favorite is to draw a bookshelf with books on it that I want to read. I have since moved away from this spread since I have too many books to read and they don’t all fit, but I still really love this layout.

2. Master packing list

While creating a new packing list for every trip has its benefits, I think it’s way easier to have a single, generic packing list with all of your essentials. That way, you’ll never forget something super important, like socks, or a toothbrush. If you want to find out more about this list, check out my blog post on travel planning in the bullet journal.

3. Memories

Making a memories spread is really fun, and it’s great because you can look back and remember all of the fun things you’ve done. Simply write out highlights from the month and, if you’d like, add little doodles or descriptions.

4. Hashtags

I’m always writing a caption for an instagram post and forgetting all of those great hashtags I wanted to include. With this list, you won’t need to remember, because they’re all written down! My list is mostly bullet journal-related hashtags, but you could include any kind of hashtags you want.

5. Yearly goals and action steps

Do you ever have an enormous goal that’s so daunting you have no idea how to complete it, so it just sits around getting dusty? (Metaphorically, of course.) Writing your goals down and listing small, actionable chunks of the goals can help immensely. At the beginning of the year, I write my biggest goals and break them down into smaller steps, which makes the goals much easier to accomplish.

6. Expense Tracker

I always like to know how much money I’ve spent and what I spent it on, so I keep an expense tracker in my journal.

7. Routines

I am not a morning person. Every morning, I groan, hit the snooze button, and go back to sleep. This, obviously, is not good. I have things to do! Mainly, go to school. And I can’t do those things if I am asleep! I have found that creating a routine can be helpful. And you know what’s even more helpful? Writing your down your routine in your bullet journal. There’s just something about having a plan that makes it so much easier to get stuff done.

8. Stuff to buy

While you could just make a regular shopping list, I like to use sticky notes to keep track of things I need to buy in my bujo. That way, when I’ve bought the things on my list, I can replace it with a new sticky note and I don’t waste precious paper.

9. Doodle ideas

I frequently find myself seeing or coming up with great ideas for doodles and then forgetting them. Keeping a page for doodle ideas solves this problem, and when it’s all filled up, you’ll have an adorable piece or art!

10. Favorite fonts

Making a spread with favorite fonts is fun, and it’s a nice resource to have in your journal. Anytime you’re stuck and can’t figure out how you should draw your next header, just flip to your fonts page.

And there you have it! 10 collections for you to add to your bullet journal. Do you already have some of these lists in your journal? Did this post inspire you to make some new ones? I hope you found this post to be useful!


Once again, I’d like to thank Diarying for the opportunity to guest blog! And I’d also like to thank you for reading this post. 🙂



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12 Comments on “10 Lists To Make In Your Bullet Journal”

  1. These are super helpful tips to get and stay organized! My favorite was “make a master packing list”. I make one of those every time I am about to go out of town, it really does help so you don’t forget anything.

  2. I adore all of your collections you’ve listed here! I’ve heard so much about bullet journals, and how amazing they are. Can’t wait to try them out.

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