10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Stationery

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10 Signs You're Obsessed With Stationery

Stationery is a very lovely thing in life. Whether you have one pen or millions of pens, we use them on a regular basis. It gets to the point where some people, including me, develop an obsession with stationery. Here are 10 signs you’re obsessed with stationery.

Sign 1: You have too many pens.

To you it will seem that you don’t, but to other people will question why you have so many pens. If someone questions it, it’s clear that they don’t have an obsession like you do.

Sign 2: Once you find a pen you love, you have to get it in every color.

You could spend ages looking for the right pen. And when you do, you will have the urge to buy every color that the pen is available in. This is common for stationery addicts.

Sign 3: Letting someone borrow you pen secretly hurts.

We all know that feeling when you lend a pen to someone. You don’t want to, but you’re being nice. But the worse feeling is when they don’t give it back. Especially if it’s a good pen.

Sign 4: Your pencil case is the place of all your favorite items.

This could include pens, pencils, highlighters, washi tape, stickers, and much more. When someone who doesn’t have the obsession looks in your pencil case, they’ll think that you’ve gone over the top. However, in reality, the amount in your pencil case is nothing compared to what you have at home.

Sign 5: Your planner is your best friend.

Planners are essential for staying organized. All stationery addicts have a planner of some sort. They never leave home without it. If they lose it they become distraught.

Sign 6: Lists make your feel complete.

Lists are useful to know what you need to do. But what’s even more satisfying is ticking the stuff off at the end of the day. Without a list in your life, you feel like something is missing. This list doesn’t even have to be written–it could be on a phone as well.

Sign 7: You have mountains of notebooks and notepads.

Why?–someone may ask. It all depends on whether the cover is cute, what the paper in it is like, or the thickness of it. You may have loads of notebooks and you brought all of them for a reason. Even if you don’t use them.

Sign 8: Collecting washi tape has evolved to an addiction.

You buy one, then another, then another, and before long you have a draw full of them. They are so useful, cute, and colourful. What would life be like without washi tape?

Sign 9: You justify buying more supplies even though you have enough already.

We all know that feeling when you’re out shopping and see a pen or notebook you just gotta have. Your parents or friends say you don’t need another notebook or pen, but the urge is too unreal! You end up buying it and using an excuse like “it’s my bullet journal pen only”, but then you end up using it for everything.

Sign 10: August and September are your favourite months because of the back-to-school sales.

This is your heaven. And to get the best deals, you know you gotta go early. You don’t want to leave it to the last minute when there’s no more pretty stationery left.

Are you obsessed with stationery or not? If you’re like me at all, all of the above would’ve applied to you.


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