10 Stationery Items That’ll Make Going Back To School More Enjoyable

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10 Stationery Items That'll Make Going Back To School More Enjoyable

Hi, everyone! I’m Mae-Mae Han from the blog Our Journey in Journals (Instagram), and if you’re a student like me, then you already know what time of year it is…BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON. As to be expected, my jaded, teenage attitude has conditioned me into despising going back to school, but there are mainly two good things about the start of the school year–specifically if you’re in middle or high school:

  1. Getting to see your friends again
  2. The excuse to buy new stationery!

I just love stationery in general, but having a fresh start of a new school year is a fabulous reason to buy new stationery. After all, who doesn’t love cute school supplies? Anyway, I’ve compiled 10 stationery items that’ll hopefully make going back to school just a tad bit more enjoyable for all of us stationery lovers.

1. A pretty notebook

I don’t know about you, but having a pretty notebook makes me way more motivated to take notes. This galaxy notebook is hardcover, which means that it’s easy to write while sitting on your couch or lying on your bed–something that I personally often do while studying. Plus, there are two ribbon bookmarks to help organize your notes and enough pages to last you all year, and I think that the cover’s design is just out of this world.

2. Pretty pens

pretty galaxy gel pens

Galaxy gel pens (6-pack): $8

Using pretty pens instantly makes doing schoolwork way more fun, too. These galaxy gel pens are already cute on their own, but if you get them plus the above notebook, you could match your school supplies! How’s that for awesome stationery? Maybe you could even imagine that you’re not on Earth so you wouldn’t have to go to school.

3. Cute pencils

I know that most students–in the US, at least–don’t like using pens for school, so I’ve got you covered with these Paris-themed mechanical pencils. Even if you’re stuck in school (or doing homework outside of school), you can still bring in a little bit of the outside world to you to help keep you sane when you’re super stressed from exams, projects, and more.

4. A cutesy planner

Planners are absolutely essential for succeeding academically and just organizing your life in general. I know that a lot of schools give out planners to their students, but these ones tend to be pretty ugly. So, instead, you can get your own that looks a lot nicer. This 2017-2018 molang rabbit planner/diary comes with monthly and weekly layouts (like most planners).

5. Or a more intense planner

However, if you’re someone that’s especially busy, you should get something with dedicated daily pages so that you’ll have enough room for your entire to-do list. This minimalist undated planner that comes in B6 and A5 has monthly, weekly, and daily layouts for all of your planning needs. Also, since it’s undated, you can start using it at any time of the year. Furthermore, the plain white covers is more sophisticated and professional-looking than the other one (or you could easily decorate and customize it if you wanted to).

6. Highlighters

An easy way to add color to your notes is by using highlighters. I think they’re especially useful when you’re in class trying to take notes from a lecture or slideshow that’s going way too quickly, you can highlight your notes after the fact. Highlighters not only give your schoolwork that ~studyblr~ aesthetic, but it’s also a good way to organize and make certain bits of information stand out. Zebra Mildliner Highlighters are great for this purpose because they’re double-sided; one side is a normal chisel tip, and the other is a bullet, marker-like tip that you can use for underlining, making diagrams, etc. They also come in 15 different colors.

7. Sticky notes

Sticky notes work for a variety of purposes: decorating or making certain things stand out in your planner or notes, writing reminders to put on your desk, etc. Of course, you can just get plain-colored square ones, but there are also so many pretty options out there! Going along with the theme of galaxy stationery, these galaxy sticky notes can be used for whatever you need sticky notes for and match with your notebook and pens!

8. Washi tape

If you don’t know what washi tape is, it’s Japanese decorative tape made with paper. There is a virtually endless variety of patterns out there to suit anybody’s taste, so in other words, it’s absolutely amazing. School will automatically be 10x more enjoyable if you have some. There’s even galaxy washi tape to match with your notebook, gel pens, and sticky notes!!

Okay, it might not seem like the most practical thing in the world, but you can use it to add flair to the pages of your notes or  planner, to section off different parts of your notes, to label your folders and notebooks, to decorate and customize your school supplies (like pencils and folders) and more. And I mean, washi tape is just so freaking cute, so why not?? Stationery makes me happy in general, but washi tape in particular is one of those things that naturally makes whatever I’m doing more enjoyable – even if it’s slaving away at homework.

9. Even more washi tape

washi tape is awesome

Stained stone washi tape: $12 – ahhh it’s so cute!!

As you can already tell, I love washi tape. I mean, you can never have too many rolls…right? In addition, like I said earlier, it comes in so many different patterns. You can get a roll specifically meant for planners, a 6-pack of “stained stone” washi, succulent washi tape, oil painting-inspired washi, and much, much more.

Seriously, just go and buy some washi tape; in terms of any piece of stationery, this stuff will make going to back to school SO much better!

10. A cute and functional pencil case

Lastly, you’re going to need something to keep all of your stationery in. This is where a pencil case comes in. Not only are there a bunch of super cute ones available, they’re also super practical! It’s way less stressful to have everything all in one place, especially if you’re looking for something specific. You’ll probably want to make sure that you get something that’s wide enough to hold all of your pens and pencils, highlighters, scissors, sticky notes, etc., such as this cactus one made out of canvas.

Anyway, those were 10 stationery items that’ll make going back to school a little more enjoyable! Make sure to also check out my blog Our Journey in Journals and Instagram @OurJourneyinJournals, and I hope this post helped you in your journey to make school even just a bit more bearable. We’re all in this together!
mae-mae hanWhat’s a piece of stationery that you can’t live without? Let me know in a comment down below!

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  1. Ooo My goodness! These darling school supplies make me wish I was back in school again. When I was a kid I would always look forward to going shopping for back to school supplies. I would buy cute erasers with little wiggly eyes and pencils with fun prints. 🙂

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