5 Benefits Of Bullet Journaling

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5 Benefits Of Bullet Journaling

I started bullet journaling in April of this year, and since then it has been such an amazing experience. I started because I wanted to a way to be more organized. In the end, I just couldn’t keep up writing all my reminders in my planner/diary. I started sharing my bullet journal spreads on Instagram, and I was overwhelmed by how friendly and welcoming the study community was!  Having a bullet journal has been such an eyeopening experience. I’ve gotten to know so many people, been motivated to become more organized and use my imagination, and been inspired by all the positivity and encouragement there is. I honestly couldn’t have been more grateful. Here are 5 benefits that I have gotten out of bullet journaling.

1. You’re in control of everything that goes in your journal.

Obviously with a bullet journal, the formatting of a spread is completely up to you. You get to choose how to design a log from scratch. Because of this, I was encouraged to be more creative and use my imagination a bit more. However, when I first starting bullet journaling, I spent so much time on setting up my spreads and thinking of them–it basically took over my life. As I continued my bujo, I realized that spending so much time on it was not beneficial, so it’s why I  started to make my spreads somewhat minimalistic.

People always ask me how I’m motivated to bullet journal. Basically, I recommend not spending too much time on each spread – remember you can still make your spreads look nice without spending too much time on it!

2. It’s customizable.

Just adding on to my first point, you can add anything to your bullet journal. You can include trackers for the month, birthdays, lists…basically anything! Whereas with a planner, the formatting and design is already in a set place, and there’s no space for trackers or lists of the sort.

3. It’s a way to relax.

Bullet journaling and setting up my spreads as also been really beneficial because it’s a way for me to relax and spend time with myself.

4. It saves money.

All you need to start a bullet journal is a pen and paper (preferably a notebook)!

5. It improves handwriting.

This is a weird one, but it’s true!! In our current day and age, most people spend most of their lives online–on their phones, or on laptops. Having a bullet journal helps maintaining or developing a very important skill: handwriting!

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