5 Reasons To Start Bullet Journaling Today

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5 Reasons To Start Bullet Journaling Today

Bullet Journals. I’m sure you’ve seen at least one spread on Tumblr, or Instagram, or Youtube, or…the list of social media goes on and on. Here are 5 reasons to start bullet journaling today to convince you to hop on the bandwagon!

1. To remove clutter from your mind.

Mental clutter is something not discussed often, but its consequences are. I’m talking about stress. When you have so many things to do, it gets overwhelming. The first step in getting all your tasks done is writing a list of them. Once you write down the list, you’ve cleared enough space in your mind to focus solely on getting task number one done. At this point, you don’t have to worry about remembering your list. In a journal, there is room for everything: groceries, assignments, or just regular errands. All conveniently located in one place. Have to rush pack for a flight? Refer to an old packing list of the essentials that you made in your bullet journal. It’s like your own personal assistant in the pages of a notebook. I cannot tell you how much stress I avoided and time I saved just by referring back to old bullet journal lists.

2. To remove clutter from your desk.

Mental clutter is one thing, but physical clutter is a whole other stressor. I used to have notebooks for many things: drawing, inspired ideas, college assignments, and life goals. This–I bet you can tell already–was a lot of notebooks. With the little space I had on my desk, the last thing I needed was piles of notebooks on it that I didn’t even use daily.

What ended up happening was that I had to categorize my thoughts. If I had a video idea, I would jot it down in my “inspired” notebook. But when I wanted to sketch out some storyboards, I would go to my sketchbook. Then, when I wanted to write down the tasks I needed to accomplish to get the video done, I went to my “goals” book. Suddenly my project was in three different notebooks, and I had to carry all three with me for an ongoing project. Ridiculous, I know. This didn’t last long. I heard about bullet journaling and combined all my different notebooks into one space. Now, all I have to carry around with me or keep on my desk is one A5 dot grid notebook with an index. This makes it possible for each page to be a new space for a new idea that I can refer back to later.

3. To keep yourself accountable for your goals.

Speaking of goals, a journal is a great way to keep yourself accountable for your own goals. A journal is a wonderful place to plan out large tasks, including life goals. Write your goal on top of a new page, then below it write down all of the steps it will take to achieve this goal. Turn the page, write down a step and under it write down all the tasks it will take to complete the step. Give yourself due dates. Get motivated. How achievable does your goal look after you have written it down? Most of us do not always have the free time to work on ourselves. However, when you have a plan written out, it becomes much more convenient to flip back and work on it in your spare time. It will also show you just how close you are to achieving your goal, making for great motivation to keep going. You can plan a goal out on any piece of paper, but by using a journal, you won’t lose track of where you put the plan.

4. To learn about yourself.

Keeping a bullet journal is also a great way to learn about yourself via trackers. Were you productive this week? Were you not last week? Why? What changed? Was it the amount of sleep you had, what kind of food you ate or was there just too much to do? There is a tracker for that. It is a time commitment to fill out the trackers every day but it is well worth the results. You can learn about yourself, how you function best, and which of your habits you should change. It is a way to keep track of and focus on your health and wellness in a convenient location. They do not have to be super fancy or colorful or large. They can be as simple as a black and white chart. It is all up to you in your bullet journal.

5. For the social media followers!

I’m just kidding. In fact, this is a reason not to start journaling. You hear Youtubers say all the time, “do not make videos for the money and fame.” Same thing goes for bullet journaling. Don’t start a bullet journal expecting to be rich and famous. For one thing, a journal is supposed to help you be the best you that you can be. It is supposed to help you get organized and productive, not likes and follows. If you that find journaling does not benefit you, then going through the trouble to make a nice picture won’t be worth the time. It takes a lot of time to set up a flat lay or hand lettered quote, then editing the photo. Climbing the ladder to social media fame is not all fun and games. If you do not enjoy journaling for yourself, you won’t be motivated to keep up with it.

If however, you enjoy journaling, are proud of your work, and want to share it with the world, then by all means post a photo online. It makes my day when people love my creations just as much as I do, but these compliments should not be end game.

Personally, I started a bullet journal because I did not like who I was.

I have goals, dreams, and aspirations that are out of the norm of my peers. It was very discouraging to focus on them because they seemed out of reach. I want to be my own boss, to be the best person I can be, and to get to know myself. To do that, I found a bullet journal to be very helpful for all the reasons listed above, among others. It also gave me a reason to draw again. Things that I wanted to draw, and not for clients. It gave me a place to express my creativity while at the same time stay organized and motivated to work.

If you’re interested in starting a bullet journal but aren’t sure if it is right for you, I strongly encourage you to grab any notebook, any pen, and just try. I know there is a lot of pressure nowadays to make your journal colorful and aesthetically pleasing, but remember: it does not have to be this way. Your journal is created by you to fit your needs. That is all! So make it whatever way you’d like it to be.

Hopefully these 5 reasons to start bullet journaling today are enough to convince you to take on the challenge!


Check out: 7 Tips To Kickstart Your Bullet Journal by Gine Rolle for more bullet journaling tips.
Happy journaling!

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  1. I have recently just started a bullet journal and I am loving it the only thing is having the time between work and blogging to make sure I actually fill it in. This is great advice and I definitely think writing things down clears the mind

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