7 Everyday Uses Of Hand Lettering

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We all love hand lettering and cute decorated stuff, right? Well, I’ve got good news for you: lettering is not just something you find on the chalkboard walls of those fancy cafes downtown or on expensive notebooks. With a little practice, you can learn it too! You don’t have to be good at drawing or have the prettiest handwriting. You don’t need fancy tools as well: just grab your favourite pen and pencils (of course it’s a bonus if they are cute). There are tons of ways you can use hand lettering in your everyday life.

Here are some of my favourite!

Handmade Cards

Handmade cards are, on the one hand, very thoughtful. There is nothing better than receiving a card and seeing that someone took the time to craft something especially for you, maybe with an in-joke only you and your friend know, even if it’s just a little “thank you” or “get well soon” card. On the other hand, they can be life-savers in case you forgot a birthday or don’t have the time to go out and buy a card.

Tip: try drawing frames (even by tracing straight lines) to enhance your lettering – it looks amazing on cards!

Home Décor

With hand lettering, you can decorate your home with your favourite quotes and inspiring motivational phrases! You can choose exactly how you want them to look according to your taste. You can use a simple black and white lettering, write on a beautiful picture you printed out, or be super colourful–whatever you like best! 😊 Add a nice frame and voila, you’re done!

Note Taking

If you are a student like me, notes might sound like the most boring thing in the world to you, right? Well, why don’t you spice things up by writing your titles, headers or most important information in a different and more creative way? Not only is this fun, but making your notes visually interesting will help you highlight the key points and make things easier to remember! The same goes for sketches (or sketchnotes) and doodles.

Tip: use a brushpen or fake calligraphy for this, and check the #studygram on Instagram for great inspiration on this.


Hand lettering is a great way to decorate your planner! I would always spend the summer months on the hunt for the perfect planner…and could hardly ever find something that was exactly how I wanted. Last year I got a nice blank but spacious one…and decorated every week in a different way, hand lettering all my to-dos and appointments, using colourful stickers and washi tapes, and I loved it! I tend to be quite forgetful, but having such a pretty planner encouraged me to open it more often, meaning I did not forget any of the things I needed to do.

And if you don’t want a pre-made, structured planner, you can try bullet journaling! You can learn more about it here or here. But in short, it’s a planner/journal that you make: you take whatever notebook and structure it according to your needs. It is an extremely personalized system, and if you want to have a more creative and decorative bullet journal, hand lettering and doodles are just what you look for.

Tip: just have fun with this! 😊


The same goes for your personal journal where you write and reflect about your personal life. Who says it should be just a continuous flow of words, where every page looks the same? I like to letter the events and little things that made me particularly happy, and, every now and then, write a newly-discovered quote I love.


Who said that we can only write and letter on paper? If you switch your pen for a permanent marker, there’s no limit to what you can letter on!

You can start by simply lettering and decorating the cover of your notebooks, or transform one of your hand-lettered pieces into your new phone/desktop wallpaper or make your own calendar (you can find some awesome examples here), you can decorate a homemade photo album with lettered captions and quotes, write down your family’s recipes…or even letter your own unique phone case!

Tip: before writing on your objects (especially with permanent markers!), make sure you do some sketches and have a clear design in mind.

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Home Organization

Since we have established that we can letter on everything, why not using our skill to have a more organized home? A simple way to do this is using stickers on jars and writing down what is inside, for instance. Or you can write on the back of the folders where you store your receipts, documents and so on so that, firstly, you can immediately find what you look for and, secondly, they look less dull.


What of these ideas are you going to try? And which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below! 😊

Let’s get creative!

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