Bullet Journal For Balance And Self-Care

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It’s Kelsey from @tetheredandtold on Instagram, and I’m excited share one of my favorite parts of bullet journaling today.

Since I started bullet journaling a few years ago, my productivity has completely transformed for the better, but so has my balance in life and attention to self-care.

Beyond getting things done, bullet journal enables us to sort through all of our loose thoughts, ideas, desires, and goals and actually process them. It gives us a way to write out the life we want to live, document our progress, and celebrate the small victories along the way. And because it’s a journal, there’s also plenty of space for self-care and processing.

Here are some of my favorite life balancing and self-care ideas from my bullet journal.

01. Trackers

When we track our habits, we are doing a powerful thing. Instead of being reactive to our lives, we are being proactive. Also, trackers enable us to see progress, which can be super motivating and encouraging!

Are trackers becoming counter-productive for you? There’s no shame in that! If you tend to get caught in all-or-nothing thinking, simply skip trackers all together as an act of self-care. If you still need one, try tracking daily or weekly instead of monthly to break things down into smaller steps.

02. A Few Lines A Day

For those of us who struggle with traditional journaling and the pressure to fill a page, try writing just “a few lines a day”. This spread gives me the needed space to write out significant events along with any notable emotions or thoughts I had.

If you miss days, don’t sweat it. Just be proud that you are taking the time to think about yourself.

03. Self Care List

I have a short list of things that make me feel better in my collections bullet journal. This list really does come in handy for  me, because often on my worst days, I can never think properly to come up with a self-care solution. Figure out those things that really make your soul feel warm and write them for when you next need it.

04. Routines And Rhythms Spread

Since my first bullet journal, I’ve tried to at least write down a morning and evening routine so that I can begin to form some rhythm for my days. If you use this spread, there’s space for planning your routines as well as getting a big picture of what your weekly rhythm looks like.

I feel this spread is super important for balance and self care. When you make time for the things that matter most, you’ll find that everything else sort of falls into place.

05. Intentions Spread

The intentions spread helps you figure out small ways to make big changes in different areas in your life. I borrowed this structure from @honeyrozes on Instagram which features a calendar style layout with space for different areas of your life that you’re trying to be intentional about.

Some of my areas include education, self-care, marriage, and business. Spend some time thinking about which areas of your life could use some improvement and start getting intentional with this spread.

I wish you the best on your self-care journey. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out my blog or my Instagram account. Also let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you.




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