We all know about Microsoft Office 365 for Lifetime. Every device, like a PC, laptop, or tablet, has installed Microsoft Office. Microsoft updates even the Windows version. A device without Microsoft is nothing to do. Now Microsoft Office has Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc. These are all essential and must-haves of Microsoft office. Every device has these applications. Microsoft Office has various features. And as well as these applications also have various features. Microsoft office with these applications is for basic operations.

For official operations and more features, you will need Microsoft 365 or office 365. But you need to pay for Microsoft 365. There are various plans available in Microsoft 365. Then it comes with various features and extra applications. This article will show how to get Microsoft 365 for free. You can get Microsoft 365 for free by using some tips and tricks. So to know about the tips and tricks to get Microsoft 365 for free then read the article below;

What are the best features of Microsoft 365?

These are the very best features in Microsoft 365. We will see some best features of Microsoft 365 in this article. So following are the best features of Microsoft 365;

Freedom to chat with other workers

Microsoft 365 is the best version for you if you work in an office. To do the official work is very simple on Microsoft 365. You can chat with your cow workers in Microsoft 365 office app. You can also have audio as well as video file sharing in the group. You can share the screen in the group.

Presentation with laser mouse pointer

The next best feature of Microsoft 365 is the laser mouse pointer. Every time you need to present a PowerPoint presentation in the office. Then to point out some points you require a pointer. There you can convert the mouse into an appointer. You can use shortcut keys to convert the mouse into a laser pointer. Press Ctrl + P to convert the mouse into a laser pointer. And this is a feature of Microsoft 365.

Everyone can edit a single file

This is the next feature of Microsoft 365. The user can share the file on one drive. Then another user can also edit that file. And which is also known as co-authoring or collaboration. And in this way, other workers will work on one single work with you.

Sending of links instead of files

Instead of sending the whole file, you can also share it via a link. It will create a link to the file, and you can share it with your co-workers. Instead of inserting a whole file, you can insert a link to that file. Then sharing that file will be easy.

Easily converting and editing PDF

Here comes another feature of Microsoft 365. When can you easily convert and edit the PDF file? Or you can also convert a normal word file into a PDF file using Microsoft 365. even you can be able to edit the PDF, which is impossible in another application.

Methods to get Microsoft 365 for free

You can purchase Microsoft 365 on a yearly and monthly basis. They will charge you according to their plans. If you are okay with their charges and plans, you can purchase Microsoft 365. But if you want Microsoft 365 for free, we will see some tips and tricks to get it. So following are the methods by which you can get office 365 for free;

Get Microsoft 365 on mobile apps

This is the first method by which you can get Microsoft 365 for free. There is a rule by which you can get Microsoft 365 free on your mobile phone or smartphone. The rule says that if your device is smaller than or less than 10.1 inches, you can use Microsoft 365 on your mobile for free. And Only then will you get Microsoft 365 applications on your mobile apps. And this method you can use to get office 365 for free. But you will get some features because of mobile. That’s it.

Try to use Microsoft 365 online

Another method to get Microsoft 365 for free is to use it online. You can browse Microsoft office 365 on your PC or laptop browser. And then, you can use the applications like Excel and PowerPoint word in the browser. And then you will get it for free. Microsoft says that if you use office 365 on your online browser, it is free. So try to browse Microsoft 365 using the browser in online mode. But same as mobile you will not get all the features using the browser. To enjoy all the features you must get a paid subscription to office 365. You need to follow some steps to get Microsoft 365 on the browser;

  • Open your browser and search for Microsoft 365.
  • Then sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Or you can create an account on Microsoft office.
  • Then go to the office applications and select the application that you want to use.
  • And get your work done on it.
  • The automatic save option in one drive is also available on Microsoft 365.
  • And all these steps you need to follow when you have an Internet connection to your device.
  • And this is what you can do to get Microsoft 365 for free.

If you get a new PC

When you purchase a new PC, you can get office 365 for free. Office 365 comes in a bundle with your new PC. Then you have to buy a new PC to get office 365 for free. But this method is so costlier for you. This method is for those who are trying to get a new PC.

Try the educational plan of office 365

There are various plants available in office 365. Office 365 is available for home, family, office, and education purposes. To get it for free, you can go for the educational version of office 365. Microsoft 365 is free for teachers and students. So if you are a teacher or a student, you can get Microsoft 365 for free. You can get it by giving your institute a license of education. And then you can get Microsoft 365. Also, you will need email verification to get Microsoft 365 for free.

And if you don’t verify it, it may disappear or expire for a while. And if the verification goes successful, then you will get Microsoft 365 free for a lifetime. But keep in mind that your access to Microsoft 365 will be denied without verification. You need to visit the Microsoft 365 website. And when you are signing into your account, you must have a .edu email address. You will get all the applications for free if verification is successful. So teachers and students can go through this method.

Try Microsoft 365 free trial offer

Microsoft 365 gives you a free trial so that you can use it. The free trial of Microsoft 365 is for a month. After a month, the offer will end, and you will need to pay for the next subscription. But it would be best if you kept in mind that when you sign in for a free trial, you must enter your payment details first. Then after your free trial ends, Microsoft will automatically renew the subscription. And if you don’t want to get a paid subscription, you must cancel it on time. For a free trial, visit Microsoft 365 free trial official. That’s it.

Get Microsoft 365 business version

Microsoft 365 has a business version for official work. People with businesses and enterprises can get a free trial from Microsoft 365. This business version of Microsoft 365 is also known as the evaluation version. If you are a business person, you can ask office 365 for a free trial. And then office 365 will provide you with a free trial based on your business and enterprises.

So you can use this method and get office 365 for free on your devices.

Is Microsoft 365 free trial available before the subscription?

Ans: Yes, Microsoft 365 free trial is available before the subscription. Suppose you select the subscription plan before getting a free trial of one month. But after a month’s free trial, you need to pay for a subscription.

Who can get Microsoft 365 trial before purchase?

Ans: The business person and every person can get Microsoft 365 for a free trial. Even users with a new PC can get a free trial on Microsoft 365.

How to get support from office 365?

Ans: To get support from office 365, you can visit their official website office.com/support. Or, for video tutorials, you can visit their video tutorial website. Watching the video tutorial, you can get a free trial on Office 365.