We all love playing games. But when working in an office, we cannot play games when bored. During COVID-19, we were using various virtual meeting applications. We used zoom, Google meets, etc., like applications to work. We were getting bored while attending the meetings. So the people attending a meeting on the Zoom application were allowed to Play Pictionary on Zoom.

The name of that game is Pictionary on Zoom. The zoom members were playing the Pictionary game after the meeting got over. Or they played the Pictionary game when bored after attending a meeting. Pictionary on zoom is a game that can be played virtually. This article will show how to play the game Pictionary on Zoom. So to know about the game Pictionary on zoom and how to play it then, read the article below;

About the game Pictionary on Zoom

People were getting bored by only attending meetings virtually during COVID-19. So the Zoom app launched a new feature of the game. So that the workers will get time to relax and play the game. The name of this game is Pictionary on Zoom. Pictionary is a virtual game that you can play on zoom. Then it is also a game played in groups. You just need a pen, pencil, and paper to play this game.

You can create your groups and play the Pictionary game on Zoom. Introducing this game was an intention to bring traffic to zoom. And if it was successfully achieved. In the beginning, you will slow down, but when you can play the game, you will understand how to play. Pictionary is a game where you need to identify the word. There is an artist who draws the word, and the other group has to identify the word. And this is what a Pictionary game on zoom is.

Rules you need to follow while playing the Pictionary game on zoom

Every game has a rule or many rules. Same, the Pictionary game has its own rules. So we will see those rules won by one as below. The rules are very simple to understand. There is a generator in the Pictionary. Firstly you must make teams. Then from the team, one is the artist who draws the word. The rule is that one must draw the word in a generator, and others must recognize the word. Those who identify the word will get points. And finally, those who will identify more words will be the winner of the game.

The person who is the Pictionary artist only has the right to draw in the generator. The artist will be provided 60 seconds to draw the word. And the next 60 seconds will be provided to the other members to identify the word. This will be turned by turn. Then the points will be written on the scoreboard, which is on the whiteboard. And finally, the person with more points will be the winner of the game.

How to create a Pictionary game setup on Zoom?

There is a proper setup of the Pictionary game on zoom. Without a setup, you will not be able to play the game. So before that, you need to set up the game first. The following are the steps to set up the Pictionary game on zoom.

  • There will be a host who will gather players at a zoom meeting.
  • Then he will create teams in zoom meetings.
  • Then he will click on the share screen option so that everyone can see the screen.
  • Now you will see the basic tab.
  • On that basic tab, you need to click on the whiteboard option.
  • Then a whiteboard will display on different screens.
  • Now the artist will draw and click on the share option so everyone can see it.
  • You can draw on the whiteboard when you get your chance.
  • After that, you need to divide the whiteboard into sections.
  • One is for the scoreboard, and the other is for the drawing board.
  • In this way, you need to divide the whiteboard.
  • Then to add the name of the participants, click on the text option below.
  • Then add the names of participants won by one.
  • After drawing a picture, the person who will loudly guess the picture correctly gets the point.
  • And if the word is correct, a stamp will be created on your name.
  • Which means that you have received one point.
  • The person with more stamps is the winner of the game.
  • And this is all about the setup of the Pictionary game on zoom.
  • That’s it.

Process to play the game Pictionary on zoom

After the setup of Pictionary on zoom, we will see the actual process of playing the game. So following is this step-by-step explanation of how to play the Pictionary game on zoom;

  • First of all, divide the players into teams.
  • If you are ten people, then make two teams.
  • Now a player must generate a word within 6 0 seconds.
  • Then in these 60 seconds, you need to draw that word on the whiteboard.
  • After drawing the word, the Other players must identify it in 60 Seconds.
  • The main adventure of this game is when the artist is drawing the picture, and you immediately identify the word.
  • The scoreboard is fixed from the first.
  • There are winning boundaries by the scoreboard at the beginning of the game.
  • The players who have correctly identified the more words will be the game’s winner.
  • And this is how the Pictionary game is played on zoom.
  • That’s it.

Is it necessary to create a team in the Pictionary game?

It is not necessary that you must make the team with a number of people. If you are a four-person person, you can create four teams. It is totally up to you. You will get to draw on the whiteboard chance by chance. The artist will change them one by one. And where there are three players, the artist, and the other players will get rewards. But the game doesn’t make sense while playing, with only three members. You will need more members to play the game and make it interesting. And this is how you can play the Pictionary game on zoom using a team.

List of Pictionary games played on Zoom

There are various Pictionary games that you can play on zoom. These games are fun-loving games in between boring meetings. The Pictionary games increase the bonding between the workers and team members. Then it also refreshes the mood of the worker. Following are some Pictionary games that you can play on zoom;


The first Pictionary game is Skribbl.io. This game also involves drawing pictures. Here you need to show your drawing skills. In this game, various groups are created so that they can chat in the groups. Then people will discuss with each other while playing the game. And the other teams should identify the picture. And you can also create your private room to discuss the word and pictures.


Another Pictionary game on zoom is brightful. It is a little bit of a different game. In this game, the player needs to draw as well as draw and tell. In draw and tell, all players should draw the picture and share it with everyone. And then everyone has to guess the picture.


Then comes the next frictional game on zoom, which is Drawasaurus. This is also one of the creative and virtual games. Same as other games, you need to draw your creative picture on the whiteboard and tell other members to guess the word. In this game a maximum of 16 players can participate at a time. Then it also has a private room for discussion of words, drawings, etc.


The next Pictionary game on zoom is sketchful.io. The best part of this game is that it has 2D graphics and mechanics control. There are various buttons for various activities. Now The B button is to brush, and the F button is to fill in the screen. The artist draws the picture, and other members identify it. The player with more correct words will win the game.


Garctic.io is also a Pictionary game on zoom. This is also an interesting game. The player can use various tools to draw a creative picture or drawing. Then the other members have to identify the picture drawn on a whiteboard. Then you also have the freedom to draw in the background. And this is all about how to play the Pictionary game on Zoom.