The Creative Bullet Journal

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The Creative Bullet Journal

Hi everyone! It’s Pauline from @misspiloute.bujo on Instagram! I am very happy to share with you a subject that is close to my heart: the creative bullet journal!

As a reminder, the principle of the bullet journal by Ryder Caroll is simple: a pencil, a notebook, and go! Then everybody fills the notebook the way they need it. It is a very effective tool organize, track, and arrange information all in the same place. As it is very adaptable, you could decorate it to customize it. So here comes the creative bullet journal! This concept is very popular! Indeed we are all stuck behind our phone screens and computers, without having the ability to create. But creation and creativity is part of life! With the bujo, we have paper support that allows us to visualize its creation, just as it lets you learn to let go of imperfections.

I often read comments from people who start a bujo and are stuck in front of this creative side. They are often afraid of not being artistically talented enough. But not much is required to decorate and personalize your creative bullet journal: a decorative ribbon, a touch of color, or a mandala drawing… I would like to share with you how I decorate my creative bullet journal.

I began to take an interest in the bujo concept about a year ago. First, I inquired about the principles, I chose what interested me, and I started in January 2017. Then, I found a lot of inspiration on Instagram, where the bujo community is really very active, and on Pinterest. Usually I choose one theme per month: decoration patterns (flowers, geometric shapes…), color (one or two maximum, with a great dominance of pink!), tools used (watercolor, pen), or the layout of the weekly.

This month, for example, I have chosen to use watercolor and to draw geometric patterns:

Another month with watercolor only:

A weekly layout in June:

Some purists disagree with this drift, since the concept of the bullet journal is to simplify and save time. But I think we shouldn’t feel guilty about having a creative bullet journal, especially if we love what we are doing. If we spend one hour decorating our weekly spread, it doesn’t matter! Have fun, write, and decorate in your bujo without pressure!

MissPiloute (Pauline <3)


Pauline, french woman addicted to creativity and fun (adultcoloring, bullet journal, drawing...)
Instagram : @misspiloute or @misspiloute.bujo

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