The Top 3 Highlighters For Bullet Journaling And Studying

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The Top 3 Highlighters For Bullet Journaling And Studying

Hi, fellow stationery fans! I’m Arrow from @arrowstudies on Instagram, and I’m going to give you my honest opinion on three different kinds of highlighters for bullet journaling and studying.

Highlighters are a great way to mark keywords, headers, and topics. They are usually pretty bright, because that draws your attention to the words. Lately, however, the pastel-colored ones have been very popular, as well as the Mildliner collection of more natural colors.

I’m going to compare the Stabilo, Pilot Frixion, and Mildliner highlighters.

1. Stabilo highlighters

One thing I really like about the Stabilo highlighters is how smooth they are. They don’t make the ink from my gel pen or fineliner smudge at all.

2. Pilot Frixion highlighters

The Pilot Frixions aren’t very smooth, but what I do like about them is that they are erasable. You can’t erase them if you’ve used them on top of a pen though, because the ink from the pen will smudge terribly.

3. Mildliner highlighters

The Mildliner highlighters have always been very popular in the studygram/studyblr community. I really like their colors because they aren’t very bright. They do smudge a lot and I was a little disappointed of the pastel package, because they were more neon than pastel. If you really want pastel colors, I’d suggest you buy the Stabilo package.

I wanted to compare the prices of the highlighters as well, but it really depends on where you live.

Overall, I think Stabilo the best if you go for quality, but the Mildliner packages do have amazing colors. The Pilot Frixions were a little bit disappointing to me, but they might be erasable if you use them on printed texts.

I really hope this article will help you pick the highlighters that work the best for you. Thank you so much for reading this and a big thanks to diaryingshop for this great opportunity.

Arrow 🙂