Do you want to turn off Low Data Mode on your iPhone? Low Data Mode (or “Data Saver” on Android) is meant to restrict data usage to save data costs on your phone bill. However, it can cause lag while surfing the internet and pause automatic updates and other background tasks, like cloud data syncing. how to turn off low data mode at any time. Low Data mode saves network traffic by cutting off unnecessary things. Modern smartphones and tablets communicate with different servers to maintain a constant flow of relevant data, push notifications, and other information, slowly consuming your precious megabytes of data. Because not all people can access unlimited cellular data, Low Data mode often comes in handy if you have noticed that some of the features of the iPhone crash.

Did you know your iPhone automatically enables Low Data mode when you use it as a mobile hotspot? You can navigate to the WiFi settings on your iPad, select your iPhone as a mobile hotspot, and it will automatically turn on Low Data mode. Low data mode is a kind of cellular data usage mode that restricts background network use and saves mobile data and WiFi usage. It is a feature embedded in iPhone with iOS 13 and later system versions. When low data mode is turned on, automatic updates and background tasks, such as photo syncing, are paused. You may need to make use of this data mode when your data plan is limited, or you are in an area with slow data speeds. You can set up low data mode for cellular and WiFi separately. The Low Data Mode feature is available on iOS 13.0 and newer. 

What Happens When I Turn Off Low Data Mode?

When you turn off Low Data mode, you’ll release your data plan from any restrictions. The way to turn on and turn off low data mode on iPhone is different for different network vendors. So you’ll have a smoother experience using your data.

Specifically, here are some changes that’ll take effect:

  • Your pending installations in the App Store will continue.
  • Audio and video calls are less likely to lag or freeze.
  • Online content, like photos and videos, will load instantly. No buffering will happen.
  • You’ll have a lag-free experience while playing games.
  • Your automatic backups will continue.

How Does Low Data Mode Work?

  • Low Data Mode pauses all apps’ ability to transfer data and sync when in the background, which can help to reduce your mobile data consumption when on a cellular network.
  • If you want to help reduce data usage of an iPhone cellular data plan, you can try a new feature called Low Data Mode for cellular networks.
  • This is a handy feature to turn on if you’re worried about going over your cellular data bandwidth quota, but you probably will want to leave it on only some of the time.
  • Note that when Low Data Mode is enabled, the iPhone will not only freeze the ability for apps to transfer data in the background, but it will also stop backing up photos to iCloud, and it will likely impact automatic updates and other data-related features you may have enabled.
  • Thus, you probably won’t want to keep it Low.
  • Data Mode is enabled all the time.
  • Technically you can even turn on “Low Data Mode” on specific WiFi networks as well, just in case you want to reduce data usage when using a particular wireless network only.
  • And finally, you can also completely disable data use on iPhone, but that’s probably not a reasonable solution for most users unless you absolutely do not want to transmit any cellular data on an iPhone at all.
  • Low Data Mode is available for iPhones with iOS 13 or later; the setting is unavailable in earlier iOS versions.

How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone

Here are the steps to Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone

How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone with cellular data

You can quickly disable Low Data mode on your iOS or iPadOS device by asking Siri to do the job. Because Siri is not the best at managing device settings, you should manually turn off Low Data mode. Here below are the steps to turn off low data mode on iPhone;

  • Step1- Go to the settings of your iPhone and search the Mobile Data section.
  • Step2- Tap Mobile Data Options. If you are using an iPhone 12, after tapping on Mobile Data Options, select Data mode.
  • Step3- Then turn off the Low data Mode option

You can also turn off Low Data mode on your iPhone using search in the Settings app. It is a neat and convenient way to locate the setting you need in various options and toggles.

How to Disable Low Data Mode on iPhone on WiFi?

Your iPhone also can reduce network consumption when connected to a WiFi network. This option is relevant for those with a limited Internet connection or data caps. Low Data Mode turns off routine background tasks that would ordinarily use data. Here are the steps to Disable Low Data Mode on iPhone on WiFi;

  • Step1- First, Go to Settings and tap on WiFi
  • Step2- Select the network you need and tap the button with the letter “i” next to it.
  • Step3- Turn off the Low Data Mode toggle

That is everything you need to know to disable Low Data mode on your iPhone. If you’re connected to someone’s hotspot, it’s the same as being connected to a WiFi network. So, you can follow our methods above to turn off the Low Data mode for WiFi.

How to speed up your mobile data on your iPhone?

You can get access to the internet connection anywhere these days. In the mall, in restaurants, and even in public spaces outside.

Even though having access to a public network is great, it’s best to use your own mobile network as it’s private and much faster.

It also allows you to stay connected without any disruptions when you’re on the move.

If your cellular data is slow, you can increase its speed. Your data may be limited due to certain features that increase your data usage when it’s not needed. Check mobile data usage and disable unnecessary features like the Low Data Mode or Background App Refresh to speed it up. On Android, it is available on nine and newer.

Restart your iPhone.

First, we recommend restarting your device. It might increase the cellular data as the restart will refresh the session. It will also eliminate bugs and glitches that might’ve slowed down the cellular data speed.

Turn on LTE on your iPhone.

If not yet, turn on LTE. It will increase your cellular data speed. To turn LTE on, follow the steps below;

  • Step1- First open settings
  • Step2- After that, go to “cellular” or “Mobile Data.”
  • Step3- Then, select “Cellular Data Options” or “Mobile Data Options.”
  • Step4- then Tap on “Voice & Data.”
  • Step5- Further Select “4G, VoLTE On” or select “4G” and enable “VoLTE.”

After following these steps, you will Turn on LTE on your iPhone;

Disable Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh feature will refresh your apps running in the background every few seconds, which can slow down mobile data speed. Please disable it to improve the speed. Here Below are the steps to disable Background App Refresh;

  • Step1- First, Go to your iPhone settings
  • Step2- Then Tap on “General” settings.
  • Step3- After That, tap on “Background App Refresh.”
  • Step4- Tap on “Background App Refresh” again
  • Step5- Further Select “Off”

After following these steps, You will Disable Background App Refresh;

Disable automatic downloads for apps.

If you have automatic downloads turned on for your apps, it might slow down the cellular data speed.

Here below are the steps to disable automatic downloads for apps

  • Step1- First, Open the Settings app.
  • Step2- Scroll down and tap on the App Store option.
  • Step3- Locate the “Mobile data” section.
  • Step4- Next to “Automatic Downloads,” toggle the switch to disable.

Turn on and off the Airplane Mode:

Turn on the Airplane Mode and then disable it to increase cellular data speed possibly. Here below are the steps to turn on and off the Airplane Mode;

  • Step1- First, open the Settings app.
  • Step2- Next to the “Airplane Mode” option, toggle the switch to turn it on.
  • Step3- Then Wait for a few seconds and turn the Airplane Mode off.